A Pause and a Prayer

I have used this image before, but need to again as we require some good vibes.

I remember the day I met Devin.  He is the guy who helped make the PHIT Threads shorts production a reality.  We had a production meeting just after Christmas of 2017 to plan for a spring production of the new line-up of shorts.  We also had another meeting at the end of January to discuss the new manufacturer and the need for a new prototype from them.  With all of these things agreed upon we were due for a new sample to look at mid-February.  The shorts were delivery challenged and arrived 2nd week of March.  

With the arrival of a new product in a small package just before a trip to Costa Rica, I was over the moon.  My review of the shorts involved a couple of notes to the production team, that would only improve on the amazingness of the Freedom Shorts.  

My return from the holiday and testing only solidified what I believed to be the best reason to really grow PHIT Threads.  It was a really cool look and just the best feeling and looking shorts.  With all of the momentum and desire to move forward we have hit the worst kind of roadblock.  

The first week of April I was delivered the worst possible news about my associate.  Devin was diagnosed with Cancer of the Colon...I am not certain but...F* Cancer.   I have said my prayers daily asking for whatever can possibly help this man, this husband, this father, this friend.  

If you find yourself reading this, please say a prayer for Devin. 

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  • Dick Healing

    Thoughts and prayers for Devin! May God bless and keep you; and make you healthy again! Both my wife and I are “survivors”…..and we pray that you are too!

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