A piece of the Warrior

Recently a "friend" shared a personal complication with his health.  He is living the struggle of practicing good health and fitness in his current wintery indoor climate.  A struggle that leads to depressive thoughts and actions of INACTION.

 I have lived in this space many years ago and find my thoughts constantly trying to draw me back into the place of no energy no love no joy and no health.  Our thoughts are NOT US and we are not our thoughts...said many coaches including my wife.

Therapy is found in movement.  Success in found in Action and Movement.  Nothing happens over night... especially recovery from taking a self mutilating beating that leads to sitting on the couch dumpster rotting your brain in front of the idiot box... (I love my tv shows and couch time.)

It was prescribed that I take drugs for my ADD and depression nearly 30 years ago... I took one and never again.  There had to be a better way because my drug sensitive system rejected the medicine.  I put on weight, ate more sugar , and got lazy...my best friends father saw me after a 6 month absence and said : "holy shit what happened to you?"

I was 220lbs with little or no muscle.  I went to college and worked at a gas station that had sweets and other bad stuff...I had no friends local to where I was or had the time off that I did....That all changed.  Someone was finally fearless about telling me to get my ass moving.

I made an effort to do something every day.  I come out of my introverted shell and found out what people did, where they did it and could I jump in... It was basketball the gym running cycling and anything sport related.  I could tell what was missing from my life.. the need for social connection with like minded people who loved sport and just playing brought them joy.  My warrior journey.

We all need a team of Warriors to stand with us near us by us and support us.  These warriors are people that have like minds about what brings us joy.  Movement is one of the keys that unlocks the joy hidden by dark thoughts.  The symbol  of the PHIT Warrior and one of the many 'meanings' is that we are  a Conscious tribe of people who live for moments of joy together.  We need help from others to be healthy ourselves, and recognizing this is a two way street.  Asking for help is one thing we could all do more.

Professional help in the form of coaches, teachers, instructors, and organizers are worthy investments in yourself.  There is ALWAYS a group doing what you love... you only need to look or ask.  We need to make our WARRIOR selves strong so that we can be of service to others who can't...If you can't right now there is someone close to you who wants to support you.  That is WHAT this Warrior Symbol is about.

What do you need?  Ask this question and ask it often and a Warrior for you will lead you ....

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