A Trade for the Support

I just went out for a walk to clear my head.  As I passed by my mail box the little red flag was up... a reminder that I needed to ship out the shorts that were just ordered.  I went back inside to package up a pair of Green Camouflage Warrior Shorts to send to Maryland...and then it hit me.

This pandemic and everything else that is happening is devastating.  I am the micro business king with a personal training business, Tennis and Pickleball lessons, Corporate fitness onsite and the SHORTS...GONE...for now.

Optimism is a trait of small business.  Gratitude for support is a trait of small business.  We need to sell shorts....I am 100% certain that you or a man near you needs shorts in the near future.  

BUY shorts NOW...just one pair...and when you throw out all of your other shorts and always reach for the Warrior.... come back and buy more... I will create a discount code for you to apply to an entire order.... just for supporting us in this time of crisis... if you dont want to use it and you want to buy more shorts... GREAT... we will be thankful this is all over, grateful you love the shorts and can get outside to move and play... Thank You for being part of the Warrior Movement.


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