Addiction and Detoxing....

My wife wrote a book called the 90 Day Achievement Detox.  She has always been an achiever in every sense of the word.  Witnessing the process of the 90 days was at times an unbearable experience for the other two bodies in the house.... it was evident that change was happening.

I am witnessing the detox of others through one of my addictions, Facebook ...  It's the witnessing of the detox from FREEDOM that is really painful.

This started out as satirical, but is turning into reality.  We are all detoxing from FREEDOM.  We have been asked to flatten the curve by staying at home... I feel like I am witnessing a heroin addict shake sweat and panic from the request.  One step closer to the actual detox, the fear of losing freedom...or worse... SKILL, fun, or play...they all, I,  resort back to filling the selfish need by activity or communing.

The pain we each experience is our own but visible to the community around us.  The pointing of fingers who's bad and not playing by the rules is only exhausted by the taunting of people NOT "trying" to flatten the curve.  The rebellious nature of selfishness is really the addiction we are talking about... this is what we need to detox from to get our freedom back.


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