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What is Advertising, Marketing, and Branding?  edits in red...

My instinct tells me as a consumer... "hey that image caught my eye... that's pretty catchy... I like the look of that. "

My instinct as a business owner, and producer of a product... the very same thing applies... how do I catch your eye?  I am actually not out to catch your heart or brain... I am trying to generate a feeling... mostly of curiosity, need and want.

The latest version of overthinking and wasting of others time and money relates to how poorly I have communicated WHAT I want them to see... Hope they see.

What I want them (people who will see the ad) to see is the Warrior Logo.

  Why...? I think it will stop them from flipping to the next page.. My belief is.. because it generates a couple seconds of looking, wondering, and hopefully a feeling.

What I wanted the other people (marketers, advertising graphic designers, and my wife) is that the LOGO has been on the side of a giant white box truck for 10 years. It has turned heads for 10 years.... how do I know this.. because I have driven the truck for 10 years and I pay attention.  People get whip lash when they drive by, they point fingers and some even in particular 

these are the people I want to reach... these are the people who I believe are saying ..."thats a cool logo"... I have been told over and over again that a LOGO is not what people are buying... CORRECT... they are not buying the logo... they are buying the feeling when they see the logo...they can see themselves wearing the logo...they might feel like a this case they are buying a pair of shorts that will hopefully help them play like they warrior they envision. themselves to be 

There is no SEX in the "stick figure warrior"  there is no definition of what he/she is... there is no pitch... the only thing that happens when someone sees that image is Imagination.  I have had people tell me for 10 years... "I wore that shirt (old phitgroup triathlon jersey) and I ran faster.".. I finally bought a pair of shorts and "I did a crossfit workout I have done dozens of times and I absolutely crushed the workout and bested my time by minutes"...."I took your shorts and wore them for the first time teaching Pickleball for 6 hours and then went for a swim.. I love these" shorts.

The shorts are UNIQUE... the cut, look, feel, and performance.  I believe I play better, work harder and enjoy myself more when moving in them.   I will always believe that people will look 2x (at the logo on my shirt because its up front) because they see The Warrior and (I hope ) that is how they envision themselves. And ask the question ... What is that?  ... my response will always be the same... "WHAT DO YOU SEE?"

9/10...."I see a Warrior"

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  • Daniel Roditi

    The rep or owner approached me at nationals. I’m an engage pro player. I won singles 5.0 age and finished 5th in pro singles. I’d like to try a pair. Can someone contact me over the phone? 714-308-1521

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