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There is nothing quite like an addiction.  Whether it's to drugs, video games, sex... the list is endless... What about an addiction to FUN?

Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the USA and probably around the world.  People are attracted to the game because anyone can play... and I mean anyone.  First known as an old person game.  The senior community probably saw an extended life expectancy from villages that had courts.  I am betting they had a few ankle and shoulder injuries too... just can't keep them off the court.

Now the sport has taken on a whole new level of competition.  Entertaining as it is to watch the good players play... its the moment you connect with the dink dink dink smash smash smash that you feed your first element of why they say that Pickleball is the first sport of addiction.

The addiction involves , fitness, community, competition, and above all FUN.  Its the first thing where addiction is GOOD.  To feed one and relieve another source of addiction... hmmm... 

What about Family...I've come to know this game as the most family friendly environment where everyone can grab a paddle and enjoy the experience.  Some of us will go completely overboard and talk about nothing but PICKLEBALL.... oh man.. that's going too far... but now Phit Threads has a great reason to head down that road of daily mention... we've outfitted a couple of professionals with hopes of getting some attention.  The Freedom shorts were made for movement just like this... every direction, every shape, and every drop of sweat.

We believe this is a genuine reason to go forward toward the most addicting sport, game, life!  


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  • harold feder

    These shorts offer the most comfort and durability of any I have worn. They are also great for travel.

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