American Summer

The shorts were created by me for me...and people like me.  A very close friend of mine did the same thing... and she is having great success selling at the higher end.  I don't have envy for her... I am proud of her, stoked to be her friend, and look to her for advice when I feel challenged.  She consistently reminds me to : 'DO YOU, You are fucking Epic"

In the midst of the pandemic, I am conflicted... and yet more focused than ever.  I put all of my eggs into one basket and the basket got turned ME.  I focused on too small of a group of people... pickleball'ers.  I am finding that response to the shorts is much broader than one thing...which was the original idea.  You can do ANYTHING in these shorts.

After being cooped up in quarantine I have rediscovered the purpose of these shorts.  ANYTHING.  I want to go to the beach and have a surf, play pickleball, workout, hike, run, play tennis, get back to WORK and most of all,,, CONNECT with friends.



  • Heidi Newton

    Just love 💕 Everything about phitthreads.
    I proudly wear my warrior / Symbol of God almost daily. Pickleball is my passion. Pickleball Fanatic Healthy life style.
    V.T.Y……… HEIDI

  • Doug Buntz

    Got the shorts and t-shirts today – fit and finish to everything is perfect! Keep doing what you’re doing – it’s going to be a rough road for everyone, but we as a nation have endured more difficult times. Very happy to be supporting and sporting gear from a small business owner here in the USA.
    Love and Respect,

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