Climbing the ladder and Growing

The most competitive industry in the world.  That is exactly what it feels like.  Men's apparel seems to be more visible than ever before.  Its like when you really get into a specific car, pair of shoes, a sports team or even a color, you tend to notice them at every turn of the head.  That is what the "shorts" business has become for me in the last few years.  I notice everything from shape and design, to color or print, and most of all function.  The flow of ideas heads into a bank for future days until we can pass the speed bump our production leader is experiencing.  

The analogy of climbing up and suffering growth experiences is a trying endeavor. Instant gratification only happens in social media, and knowing how to manage and market that highway is a task best left to professionals.  My question is this:  Where are those wanna be professionals who are just starting out, who have a vision for what can be?  Who are those people willing to put in a long haul effort before getting back reward?  Does the starting at the bottom or beginning something new have to cost the arm and leg for all parties involved?  What about the risk?  

Every person who ventures out and chases up risk backed by passion has a great chance to succeed.  The connections we make from every turn can be the lucky break.  I feel blessed to be able to live my passion and wear my passion and believe my passion day in and day out.  Its amazing when someone turns their head to connect with a like minded job is to find out how to connect them to this belief.  "I am one with the Warrior, The Warrior is Me."

For now, we do the work behind the scenes to get through this lesson and onto the next thing we believe will be our "THING".  Forever growing and learning that soon turns into experience is the goal.  The true goal is great service through a great series of products that people love as much as we do. BTW our "thing" is an amazing pair of shorts... just check out the unsolicited reviews. 

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