Contagious....the cure

Who would have ever thought it could come to this, get to this point we are all staring at right in the face?  

In the wake of the pandemonium we have a variety of people clamoring for help.  Physical, mental and financial help is around... you only need to look or ask.  

Our household is locked down as far as we feel we need to be...which is pretty locked down.  Runs to the store, private client appointments, and exercise outside. Being cooped up is a healthy test of where you stand within your own little environment....cue the mouse in the wheel.  Stored up energy is never a good thing unless its in a battery.  My own personal stored energy is stress related...and a major outlet is shut down.

I learned many years ago that I needed to move my body in order to be healthy... I can feel this blog taking a turn in my head... stay the course....If I didnt exercise I would fall into the over thinking trap and generate negative energy more stress anxiety and anger...discovering what I was meant to do with fitness, tennis, and  pickleball was a gift that removed nearly any chance of that kind of stress.  Cue the pandemic the virus the divisiveness the panic and garbage bin size jar to contain all of the shit I am confused about.

Add in Meditation, a new form of workout, reading, learning, skill drilling, and long walks in the sunshine..... cue the wavy imagination and grasp reality.  One thing at a time and re-learning what is important....patience... this will all end... cue the NEW shorts... Courtados ... stoked to get them done and available.  5.1/2" inseam makes them the most freedom short available.  


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