EGO... Big EGO

The lion only needs to walk into the jungle and everyone knows he is King.  Some lions need to roar louder...some just let them roar ... I have been practicing the art of LETTING GO for as long as I can remember.  For the most part ... my memory is short and letting go takes a major effort ... its a major effort if you find yourself triggered by so many things.  I can appreciate a Lion having a massive Ego... being a cub (in the apparel industry)... we look forward to being the humble warrior spreading gratitude and brushing off those that think they are the best....for everyone.

So... It was about 6 days ago, and just now when I was triggered by an ad from one of the other shorts or apparel companies  I plan to use expletives here soon ... so if you can't handle it don't read on or accept my apology and read on.  I will ask for forgiveness when I get to the bottom....if I can remember.

We make an epic pair of shorts.  It's an incredible privilege to hand over a pair of shorts in person to a deserving person.   We all deserve great things... but I am specifically talking about handing a pair of shorts to my new friend Tyler who teaches or leads small groups in the Wimm-Hoff practice.  Amazing if you have not done it yet... WOW... he is opening a place in Solana Beach called BREATHE Degrees....


Tyler was gifted a pair of the Green Camo shorts on our last session which he immediately put on replacing a MAJOR Boutique Brand.  I love the surprise, I love the genuine response, I love the gratitude.  I reciprocated with an equal reaction to what felt incredibly genuine.

He went into immediate detail of many highlights of the shorts... It's cool to think that he came up with more than one DETAIL.  He went from the fabric feel to the weight of the fabric to the waist band and the draw cord and finished with the pockets.  He was genuinely blown away ... he went to order some shorts immediately after his next session.  That is as close to instant gratification as I can get.

Tyler just took off a pair of shorts that claim in numerous ads to be "THE most versatile". The BEST shorts,,,,blah blah blah.... LETTING go right there...  

When we put up an ad... it will be anti marketing anti platitude... it will be Genuine... "We make shorts for movement.  You will be all in and get more or you will send them back.... we want you to experience the variety of life and the feeling of being The Warrior...

...I got through without expletive... mind blown... see... I've let it go already.... I am getting good at this... Fuck Yes!... oh Shit... Damn... ooooh man....Sorry for swearing.   

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