I had a brief conversation this morning with a great friend who does a small business like mine.... made in the USA and does everything herself.  She made "boutique" masks and was selling them.... a lot of them...until Shopify, amazon, and facebook shut it down.  She was told it was under review for price gouging.

From the looks of things Masks will be around for a while.  I can't imagine any stylish person not wanting an appropriate mask to fit their personality.  You pay good money for that sort of thing.  You pay good money to support American Families and American Workers.  You pay good money to look that much more stylish than your "friends."

It brings me to the hole I am looking up from...I have done zero advertising and zero marketing to sell my shorts... the cost to produce them on top of all the labor I personally put into them plus every other cost... I sound like a little whiney bitch... whine this whine that wine wine win win win... there is no oil that can get me out of my own way except to just DO IT.... forget about the judgement and the fear... and apparently the ANGER I feel towards companies like A;zon Shitify, and faceplant... injecting humor out of discomfort.

The COURTADOS deserve way more attention than I have given them... much like the last child that exceeds all expectations, they are getting the short end of the stick.  The shorts need some love... it has to come from somewhere... it has to come from me first... I can see it and believe in it...I just need to do it!!  

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