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Update  April 14:

The world shortage of elastic has us so far behind the 8ball on making the masks we had hoped to make... Awaiting elastic is torture.  

April 6.. the fabric could not be delivered today... it will be at the factory for 9am tomorrow... (hopefully) .  The entire day besides trying to gain some sanity by exercising between trying to find some /ANY elastic for the ear loops.  Doing our best and we believe you have faith in us.  Thank you Paul


On Monday April 6, 2020  I will deliver the remaining fabric from our shorts back to our production team in San Diego.  The will work diligently on a mask design from someone else with an EDIT I have made...

These masks will be made from a 4 way stretch polyester spandex fabric. (edit... Plenty of research has been done with respect to the best textile to make a mask... After a lengthy conversation with the supplier they have reassured me that the treatment of this particular fabric is perfect, the woven part is better, and the construction with adding a filter is a bonus)  It will be sewn on 3 sides allowing for a "FILTER" to be inserted.  The mask will be worn with Loops for the ears... (the key is to WASH your mask often especially if you have come in close contact, which lately should not be often.)


*** We are not a health company, a medical device company, or an air filter company, we are not medically trained,  Purchasing a MASK made by PHIT is intended to provide simple wearable DEVICE to help aid in protection.  Even condoms are not 100% effective...wearing one is probably a good idea ***

The Masks can be delivered via MAIL or picked up in Encinitas.  There are options for shipping please choose accordingly.

The CDC states that a simple cotton covering will do.  As you can imagine .... there are plenty of contradictions.    We will provide a "filter" for some added protection... we suggest you find other filters to adjust to your new mask.

Filter ideas...easiest to most effective.

Coffee filter I think is a good simple option.  (2)  Air VENT air FILTER like you would find near your furnace ... simply cut the material from the square cardboard frame and the chicken like wire.  Nice Filter... (3) Vacuum BAG... clearly one that has not been used... Dissecting the bag is a thing... carefully cut the bag at the corners, cut out recommended size to fit the mask, there might be a piece of plastic between the outer edges of the bag... you dont want that.  cut it out...  

Wash your mask often.

AS of April 4, 2020 10:07pm I do not know how much they will cost to make, I do not know how much they will cost...I will up date the cost and the link asap... I promise that the price will be fair for all of us.  



Thank you 

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If you purchase a pair of shorts I will throw in one mask.  

All discounts are VOID for the sale of MASKS or any deal they are part of....

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