Fame... the price of Fame


Now what do we do?  The 365 Freedom shorts are famous.... I am actually laughing now but they will be "famous" soon.

I will make this quick.  

After my wife decided she needed to learn to play pickleball because I was going to be playing...often... she enrolled in one of the two best camps out there.  The Boost Camp, run by Steve Dawson is one and the Level Up Camp, with Tyson Mcguffin,  is the other.  The biggest supporter of me and of every version of PHIT.  She makes a massive effort to help...and usually gets some results.

After attending the Level Up Camp, she reached out to Pickleball Magazine editor Wayne Dollard.  We sent him a package which arrived on time for a work trip.  He opened the package before his first day and threw on the shorts.  Teaching for most of the day he marched down to the beach and went for a swim.  The shorts really caught his attention as he relayed the story back to us.  He really liked the shorts...(humbled).

After a couple of emails about distribution and marketing... they informed us about the editors pick issue and that they were going to include the 365 Freedom Shorts.   There is so much more to the connection and the relationship than I actually understand.  We are really hoping that the 365 Freedom Shorts find their way into the hands of Pickleballer's everywhere....thanks to the Editors Pick and the vision of my wife to reach out and start a relationship.










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