First to Quit

First to Quit:
We did a photo shoot with the Eible Brothers for PHIT Threads this week.  The shot you see here is a bit out of focus but their focus is anything but OUT.  Fritz and Max are a couple of years apart in age, but identical in their drive.  They have been playing a game, after hearing a man with physical presence and the sound of certainty state out loud ..."Its a game of who quits first."
Since hearing this, Fritz and Max thrive on the competitive brotherly love of never giving up on one another or anything else they touch.  I have known these men for 10+ years and have watched them evolve into every ounce of potential two brothers could with exceptional vision for their warrior.  Their spirit warms the room and their energy lights it up.  If you are ever blessed with a Fritz or Max at any of your workouts I encourage you to get in their game rather that watch in Awe... because it is Awe inspiring... its even better when your warrior comes out to NEVER QUIT.

I type this with complete certainty...
You are ONE with the Warrior
The Warrior is YOU


Its been the most fulfilling weekend for PHIT in a while.  We have finally gotten off the ground on the second production.  The white shorts are actually at the printer getting Logo'd and Labeled.  The Camouflage patterns and colors are being decided this week with hope of printing before the weekend and potential delivery to a cutter and then the manufacturer.  With some luck we will have Camouflage short before the end of August.  And to top it off we finally took some photos of the product being worn by two very PHIT men.  The amateur photographer (yours truly) managed a few great pics showing the versatility of this great product... these great products.



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