FIT Threads vs PHIT Threads

I found myself in a massive conundrum that could have saved $ appears to be ego related.

The Warrior is, among many thoughts, one who can completely dismiss an ego and be fully present for whatever is facing him/her.   I want more than anything to be able to fully embrace that idea all of the time...Learning that sometimes, more often than not, I don't.

FIT is what most people see as the spelling when it comes to anything that is related to fitness.  PHIT is the way I spell it because it is about ME... PH is Paul Healing in many instances.  Its My method.  Its MY design.  Its My brand.  Its My Warrior..... FUCK!!  Its just NOT.  

I may be the creator, but its not about me.  Its about everyone else that can see themselves as this Warrior.  Someone who is balanced can recognize and identify with an image that is more than just them.  Its about someone who is strong for others.

FIT Threads should have been a web name purchased when we did the original organizing.... it was about me and PH... the only good thing now is that I am starting to see more and more about how much it is about others.  The more we grow the more PH can help others.  PH can be whatever you think it can it is Powerful HEALING  

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  • Karen

    Love how you stated that , “PH”! I never saw that the PH were your initials! Seeing it , in depth the way you explained it, is Awesome! Awesome that you care for others that way!!

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