Food Truck Festival.......

I spent a lot of time driving my food truck around this past year.  Only it's not a food truck.  Since 2009 it was a designated mobile toy box filled with enough fitness equipment to satisfy the masses... so disappointing to many foodies when they find zero treats at 60 mph.  

I love the concept of a food truck.  They are the epitome of small business ownership.  A mobile restaurant that has, in many cases, perfected a single item.  From Burgers to Burritos, organic health bowls, coffee, sandwiches, and soups.  The movie "CHEF" was about a food truck by Jon Favreau.  What a great story and highly suggest anyone reading this far to see that movie...

The Box Van Food Truck Festival is perhaps one of the best date night opportunities wherever they can be found.  Nothing like sampling good food from many sources who have all perfected one thing.  By perfected I mean, mouthwatering satisfaction at every bite.

Why the food truck reference?  The PHIT-TRUCK carries PHITGROUP gear and is now the home of PHIT Threads Shorts (confused yet?).... feel so good 4 way stretch Shorts made in the USA from Scratch ... Much like the nibbles in a food truck, the shorts are satisfying from the moment you put them on.  NO Shit... it's the truth.  We spent years trying to perfect one thing...perfection is boring... but we are close.  The eye catching, head turning, burning competitive feeling Warrior logo can be seen from 1/2 mile away...  There is always a pair you can buy on board... by why wait... the sumptuous surprise of the first time you slide those babies on and put your hand in your pocket and grab a Pickleball... nothing quite like it... all from a food truck! 

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