In the wake of negativity....

Recently there was some comical negativity that hit home.  My Facebook addiction is only second to sugar.  I wish I could cut both out of my life, but one I need for business and the other I can't seem to escape no matter the effort..

I decided to pursue the Pickleball industry/market for two reasons.  One is half of the participants are MALE and the other half is FUN.  I have never had so much fun playing at any level I get to play.  Whether its getting out dinked and out banged by great players or its a lower level game where I can work on skills and patience... Its always been fun...

Business is not personal, but I was shocked to read the belligerence toward our shorts in a recent thread on a FB forum.  The comment was about the cost of the shorts and that a better or more expensive pair of shorts doesn't make you a better player.  The long and the short of it was the author clearly liked the look of the shorts but felt they were too expensive (obviously)... or I could say something along the lines of he doesn't feel like he is worth buying himself a great pair of shorts.

Either way, the comments that followed were great for us...It seems to have been one of the more commented on and read threads.  We are doing just fine there 'batman'... in fact we are grateful you chose to use profanity when describing our product... its says a lot.

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