Its just temporary;

So I have an amazing friend who I met through the fitness industry almost 10 years ago.  She is among the leaders when it comes to wellness and caring for the body.  There was some inspiration that came from an experience she shared....but what does that have to do with tattoo's?

The PHIT logo is an extraordinarily simple image.  When you picture yourself as a Warrior, Extraordinary things happen.  Sometimes a simple reminder that you are a warrior help.  BTW.... did you catch the most important part of that.. YOU ARE THE WARRIOR.  The Warrior is YOU! there was a pile of tattoo's I had given friend does not like to fly so, she applied one to her wrist and off she went.  She immediately reached out when she landed on the other coast and shared her warrior experience... I cannot remember her words exactly but she said that simple image helped her with her flying issues.  She offered to pay for the next order I had made.... 

one last short story.... I had raced many triathlons and ever since the day I put the logo on my "kit" (uniform) I felt more power.  It might sound ridiculous to some... but its true.  My last race was August 12, 2012 and I had these Temporary Tattoos on for a little extra power as I knew something was wrong with my body.... I survived the race and have not run a mile since.  

SO ...why don't you share the days when you needed a little extra?!  Please!  I bet this might just be something else to help you believe in YOU a little more!


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