It's not a deal... its growth.

I recently went to Las Vegas for the semi-annual apparel convention called MAGIC. Funny how it was not so magical this time around.  Upon entering the show, it was obvious that the big powerhouse CHINA was crushed by the Corona Virus... More than 600 vendors could not come to the show.

I wandered around looking for a couple of things to help us save money on producing the Freedom Shorts.... The primary focus is to stay MADE IN USA... textiles made in the USA are best called Cotton.  I am still new to this... but We do make amazing cotton... all of our shirts are MIA sourced from.... sidetracked again..

The cost of a yard of fabric that we like from China shipped to the USA direct to manufacturing cost is $2/4 less per YARD than if we bought it from an importer who has a mark up.  Issue here is MINIMUMS.... each pair of Freedom shorts uses about 1.2 yards of fabric... thats added cost.

If we want to add a print like the Camouflage....the cost to print a SMALL volume lets say 100 yards ... adds $8-10 COST per pair of shorts...again ... the printing is done in the USA and by a small business.  

I just had a conversation with a vendor who manufactures in China.... who says they can Print cut sew and ship.... for a lot less.... 

Totally understanding why I started the business and wanting to make an epic product here in America... I found myself leaving the convention with nothing to take home....I still had not found the reason for the effort of going to Las Vegas.  I started talking to strangers to see if they had an answer in casual conversation...

I boarded the plane SPIRIT air... ok flight....and a woman made a joke as she passed my seat on her way to the window seat.  Miriam had been in the apparel industry for 40+ years.  She doesn't manufacture anything .. she's a buyer and direct seller... Buys Low and sells what she thinks she can sell it for... HIGH... she marks up her stuff 5X... buys for 20 sells for 100... she figures her profit is 1x after effort storage time etc...

She essentially scolded me after disclosing with utter transparency how our business was run.  It felt good to feel like there was a teacher that gave a shit.  I fought back by sharing some of my truths.  

I was willing to sacrifice early profit to get the brand rolling... again she scolded me... she said you deserve and want millions... the more you make the more you can GIVE.  

She killed it right there...PHIT Threads started because I wanted to give back and be PHITANTHROPIC.  We are off to a great, all be it slow start.  WE have a phenomenal product, we are getting ready to launch the COURTADOS... the brand is growing and we are working hard to find ways to cut the costs.... the RETAIL of the shorts is absolutely PERFECT... for those that LOVE the shorts and swear they are the best for them... they would pay more for the indestructible Warrior.

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