KISS... Keep It Short Stupid

I recently had a conversation with someone who's been in my life since the beginning.  We got into some of the details of the warrior logo and the amazing product we have been producing and continuously tweaking...

I enjoy the out of the box view.  

I had been rehashing why I wanted to make this particular pair of shorts.  The brief story is that Tennis and Fitness and Triathlon and beach didn't have the same pair of shorts that were "acceptable."  I had been working at a country club for 8 years and never felt comfortable with the board shorts appearance much less the ability to move in them.

The concept of K.I.S.S. is always very present.  Keep It Simple Stupid... (my wife actually wrote a book about that very concept.). We are in a time of complete over thinking... what if for just a moment in your day you didn't have to think about the function of your shorts.  We created that very pair of short... good to go anywhere... but maybe the golf course... I think a little more refined look on a country club course is appropriate... but these are miles above a pair of jeans. 

The shorts are durable and feel so darn good.  We only need to get you into pair.  There is a guarantee... its short term... (30 days send them back if they don't PHIT you)... but if you grab a pair, sling them on for a day or two or a week or two and compare them to something else in your drawer... get rid of that old shit, the big brand, the brand made for women, or the brand that uses child labor....We are an American Made product... starting out in a garage and sending you a hand written note from the owner who wears them every single day of the year.... 365 Freedom.  Its what is so great about this country... FREEDOM!

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