It's amazing to me how much you can learn in one day, when you have never actually made something in mass before.  I have spent my entire life in the service industry, mostly restaurants and fitness, and the only thing we made was food or sweat.   The food was the raw material and people lined up to buy what you were making.  If you made it good, the line was consistent.  If you made it amazing, the line was out the door all of the time.  

Fitness is much the same way.  Popular fitness crazes have people signing up online to reserve their spot.  Memberships come at a premium to these clubs, and membership is definitely a privilege.  The service part of fitness involves volume, space, creativity, motivation, and a little bit of pampering.  Its the truly creative trainers that build a business on faith, they don't have a sign up sheet, they are prepared to give one person a workout or 30, and always have an assumption that the best is being done at all times to help spread the good word.  

So back to Manufacturing.... It feels so good to hear anything from the people who are managing a production line.  Its the juice that is just starting to drip after a lot of squeezing.  Design is one thing, its the easy thing.... every decision after is about money.  I say money because every time you speak, shop, or choose you are spending money.  You have no idea how long before that money is going to come back to you before you sell enough to break even.... blah....vomit... yuck... thats what i learned.... its not about the money... its about getting to the end, the goal, the bonus....

We have a brand that we so strongly believe in that it keeps us up at night.  We believe that the notion of necessary "things" can

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