Nationals.... not the baseball team!

Nothing like being so focused on the task at hand.  


My first day at Nationals in the Palm Desert Indian Wells.... wow.  That was some spectacular stuff.  I sat and watched so many different people playing levels 3.0 to Pro... even though it wasn't a pro event.  The pro's cleaned up....

The task at hand is to find a way to get into the game.  To make it to the Nationals you have to play multiple tournament to qualify.  Winning is getting harder and harder.  I watched a 3.5 match that looked really fun... One of the local guys "Paul and Dennis" won the 60+ 3.5 division... way to go fellas.

The real task is to find a way to become a Pickleball brand that people can see, notice, and trust.  The big names have yet to really enter the market... and when they do the little guy will need to show up bigger and better than them...

We are the little guy...

My wife had the presence to follow up on a lead to Pickleball Magazine.  After sending the publisher a pair of shorts which he took to his camp... he sent back a rave review.  He absolutely loved the shorts... Pictured below ..I didn't get his permission to use the photo but its such a great shot... I had to put it up!

Pickleball Magazine features the best brands and products you can imagine along with a few tips here and there.... We hope people find time to browse the pages.  In those pages you will find the Kyle Yates, Ben Johns, Tyson McGuffin, and Matt Wright's of the world... The women deserve plenty of attention too... but we don't make shorts for women... YET....  They are looking out for the small business' ... we are grateful .  Thank you Pickleball Magazine.  

Winning for us is getting one of those guys to commit to playing in our Freedom 365 shorts.... logo it up with your paddle sponsor...  Please... we'd love to have you wear our shorts with any logo on it..... WE MAKE SHORTS for PICKLEBALL... nobody else does...and when they do... they will not be this good!!  Let us surprise you...

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  • Rob Davidson

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    Hi Pablo, I met you very briefly in passing at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden. You gave me a card and told me to check it out. I was hoping we could talk?

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