Opt OUT shorts liner....

The not so open discussion about creating a product from 4 years of testing and modifying.... one thing was for certain.  We were never going to use a LINER in these shorts.  Let me do my best to provide you with some details.

We created the 365 Freedom Shorts out of 3 pairs of shorts I used to wear... most of the time I would wear at least 2pairs of those shorts every day....I had to change my shorts to accommodate my movement.  2 of the 3 pairs of shorts came with a liner... after wearing the shorts for a few times... I cut the liner out for anything but a good reason... its the ONLY reason... they were uncomfortable.  The 3rd pair of shorts lasted a year with the liner that felt OK and then it went to complete shit.  I didnt cut them out... I just stopped wearing them.

What you wear under your shorts is more particular than the shorts themselves.  What does your under-short look like?  This old school Jock is a testament to the testicle... the bag to hold your sack.  The nut hugger extraordinaire is a feature and necessity to accommodate dollar bills long after your day job is done.  Think it would take a few months to figure out how to put one leg in or to find them in our shorts.

The complete extreme opposite is the full leg compression brief.  There is nothing brief about these babies.  If you have leg vibration this pair is for you.  If your junk is excessive and you need extra hold, most shorts will slide nicely over these squeezie sporty stuff pants... I like them sometimes... but I find they get hot and I am not much a fan of the over compression... feels like papa bear on steroids for under wear.  I think lots of pro athletes wear these... very tough to sew into a pair of shorts...

I love Gimmick shorts... nothing like a butt lift.  I threw these into the mix because they look really really uncomfortable.  Besides the aarows should be up front.. you want that to stand up more than the rear ... What would it feel like to wear these all day?  I dont ever want to know... unless you can make me laugh.

I am not a football fan...sorry.  I actually dont watch much TV at all.  Sports is a lifestyle for some of us... living vicariously through  people who make a living playing sports is enviable for sure... but these are boxer briefs.   It the closest thing to my preference besides the last paragraph.   Boxer briefs give you the closest thing to the 3 Bears story... just right amount of space and just the right amount of HUG.... remember this is all about my preference... I am assuming YOU all have a preferred method to hold your junk.... or...

The best of all options with the 365 Freedom Shorts is to go Caveman.  No underwear has to be an option when you have a pair of shorts this versatile.  No shit... I had bilateral hip surgery 2 years ago 10/2017, and I wore the same pair of shorts for 5 days no shower, no underwear, no nothing but drugs and stitches and discomfort.  I wear the shorts to the beach without any liner... when they get wet it only takes a little adjustment to keep your junk a little less out there.. unless you want to show off your stuff... water tends to be cold at the beach.... better work on those ABS.  

Liners in shorts these days are not a great idea...Those shorts will last a while and the liners are hopeless past 6 months....365 Freedom Shorts are made really well..going on 3 years of wearing these shorts every day... I have changed my "liner" every year at Christmas... I'm easy to shop for like that... I hope you read all the way through.  If you should have any questions... leave a comment... and by all means SHARE this with your "friends"... We make some amazing shorts right here in the USA... We hope to grow enough to need a warehouse and continue to bring a great product directly to you... if you need a discount... ask

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