Reality Check in tow....

The Rock of PHIT is rough. Leaving behind a painted mark feels less significant than actually doing something worthy of what that symbol means.  Why would you read any further if you didn't have an attachment or emotional response to the warrior image of PHIT


I found myself in the car driving my daughter to dance ( I wish I could drive her to dance rather than Dance Class.) ...I was telling her the story of how the drawing of the warrior came to be.  It was great, because I love telling the story, and she seemed genuinely interested...or great at humoring me.  In the midst of sharing the story I found myself getting choked up, and now as I type this, I am reminded of my emotional attachment to this "drawing" this "image.


I drive an 18 foot box van that looks like a food truck.  It's solid white in color with a giant Warrior logo on every side .  The truck turns heads every where it rolls.  The waves and thumbs up fly out the windows of passing cars.  APPROVAL.. Something looks cool or really appeals to them...the first sign of an interest.

Selling what I am selling is a mountainous challenge.  I am confused by WHAT I am selling so often... the service or the product.  The Truck has fitness equipment that satisfies boot campers and exercise enthusiasts....(It does have shorts in bins to sell on the spot).... driving down the road... do I shout... "BOOTCAMP INTERVAL TRAINING CORPORATE FITNESS PROGRAMS" and ring a bell or pump loud music to get some attention and some attendance?  or  Do I drive down the road waving an American Flag with a pair of shorts flapping in the breeze.... shouting "Made in the USA , Guaranteed or your money back, amazing shorts for just about anything"?

The fact remains that both business' are extremely competitive.  Personal trainers are a dime a dozen, have solid backgrounds, live what they practice, and offer only themselves as a unique choice.  PHITGROUP falls into that category and adds the one thing permissible here in Southern California... OUTDOOR Life.  #optoutside or better yet #doitoutside in a pair of PHIT Threads Freedom Shorts.


At PHIT Threads we make shorts right here in SanDiego.  The shorts industry has become very challenging...the struggle to understand how the apparel business works and how to stand out and market a great product remains the greatest challenge for us...We know our product can compete with anyone throwing down a product claiming the best in the world the best this and the best that.... The shorts were created by someone who couldn't find the best for everything (that I did)...and decided to take a risk to make shorts that could be the best not just for me.

Still.... PHIT Threads is new to the industry and we are making sloth like progress, partially intentional,  while receiving results and reviews that reflect the very selling points.  The unknowns are the things that make us (me) overthink and live out some fears.... overcoming all of those "little" obstacles and putting trust exactly where it needs to be...The trust of others expert in the field of making a new product known. This is our next step.

I can feel that warrior need growing for others.  Specifically not speaking of the LOGO itself , but rather a need for strengths that support their "IT" or "WHY".. their reasons are known to only  them and what ever they attach "it" to ... their inner warrior sometimes just needs to leave a mark behind that said " I was here. I kicked Ass.  I loved it.  I am so grateful."  We are stoked to be a part of that warrior life.


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