I am closing the site.  My family is relocating to Australia and I don’t want to take a pile of inventory to Australia.  I have set discount codes to be used to help promote more sales and unload as much inventory as possible.   Depending how much you want to help my family to either pay full price or to use a discount code… it will all be greatly appreciated.   Please share this with anyone who might be up for some THREADS 

Warrior SHORTS, SHIRTS, HATS etc... the inventory is accurate... If it says I have it... please be mindful of size choices.... I will not be able to exchange after June 1 unless in person.

The discount codes: 



FREE shipping is NOT available 

If you are local you must come and pick up … I cannot deliver and I cannot pay for shipping if you mistake 

The 30 day guarantee is also no longer happening…

I will not have time to answer questions .... right now HELP is sharing with anyone who wears shorts... if you have them already please SHARE and tell them how much you love the shorts....


The PHIT THREADS store will close MAY 31 


I do plan to continue with the brand once allowed in Australia… obviously making things over there…. Vietnam would be first choice.


Thank you so much for being a part of the Warrior. 

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  • Michael Marchant

    I’ll buy 10 pair of XL – 1 in each color and inseem size – let me know how much with shipping to Sac and I will PayPal / Venmo you – good luck in Aus – LR Mike

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