Superstar Warriors.....Bear Grylls and Blain

I had this brilliant idea today that would follow up a very important Blog... the one about NO LINERS....essentially it comes down to this experience I had today.  I promised myself I would wear shorts 365 days since living in SanDiego.  Pretty much do... the random day comes by but very

Today was a little cooler and there were no movement activities on the schedule... I opted for some favorite Corduroys shorts.  Warm and heavy shorts and super comfortable...I have actually worn these during unplanned activity and it was a miserable experience... not the point...

Without sweating a bunch I have to visit the toilet .... one of the greatest blessings of being a male is the ability to stand and pee... we hope good aim becomes the norm... sometimes there is a need to hurry when we pee... zippers and buttons and drawstrings can be a hassle.  I was reminded of this yesterday after church and breakfast and a drive...lots of coffee.  I found myself running for the toilet thinking I had my other shorts on... commencing the let it go signal things were on their way... wrong shorts and a hard squeeze of core muscles and we were all good... shorts failure.

Here is a shot that my wife took while we were hiking Table Mountain in Capetown, South Africa...

One of the things that makes this photo genuine is the sheer and utter speed at which my wife was able to take the shot.  One thing to notice is how the right short pant leg didn't move.... FREEDOM cut... the best shorts.

I actually used this idea of the one handed pee as a selling point for the shorts.... I promise you that this invaluable tool does not exist in too many shorts but it certainly exists in FREEDOM 365's.  Not to brag but I can drink a beer without putting it down and hit my target.  Of course some of the effectiveness has to do with your choice of liner or jock...see previous blog.

So Blain is former Army Ranger who traveled to FIJI to do an adventure race called the Eco_Challenge soon to be on TV somewhere.  He took his trusty PHIT Threads Freedom shorts along for the ride.  I love the fact that he took a photo with adventure celebrity Bear Grylls... both of whom I bet can pee in the woods one handed.

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    Super Great meeting you today At Loma linda Pickleball tournament

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