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Nationals.... not the baseball team!

Nothing like being so focused on the task at hand.   Winning!!  My first day at Nationals in the Palm Desert Indian Wells.... wow.  That was some spectacular stuff.  I sat and watched so many different people playing levels 3.0 to Pro... even though it wasn't a pro event.  The pro's cleaned up.... The task at hand is to find a way to get into the game.  To make it to the Nationals you have to play multiple tournament to qualify.  Winning is getting harder and harder.  I watched a 3.5 match that looked really fun... One of the local guys "Paul and Dennis" won the 60+ 3.5 division... way to go fellas. The real task is to find a...

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Ready for Anything

6 years ago I went to a fitness convention and was completely affected by the very last speaker of the event.  His name is Jay Blahnik and his speech encompassed the word Extraordinary. As you entered the amphitheater, you were given a questions sheet with 3 things on it...and a wrist band.  I remember, probably for one of the very few times in my life during a lecture, feeling completely present.  The 4 days of fitness training and education were done and I was in the middle of a major life adjustment.  The 3 questions are buried somewhere in my files, but the wrist band (dead broken and useless) is still around to remind me of that week and what...

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First to Quit

First to Quit:We did a photo shoot with the Eible Brothers for PHIT Threads this week.  The shot you see here is a bit out of focus but their focus is anything but OUT.  Fritz and Max are a couple of years apart in age, but identical in their drive.  They have been playing a game, after hearing a man with physical presence and the sound of certainty state out loud ..."Its a game of who quits first."Since hearing this, Fritz and Max thrive on the competitive brotherly love of never giving up on one another or anything else they touch.  I have known these men for 10+ years and have watched them evolve into every ounce of potential two...

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