Testament to Patience...

Most of the time I have no clue what is about to be written...I have patience enough to know that I will reach some point that is valuable to the reader... question is do you have enough patience to read on?

There are so many great companies out there that make a great product.  Just off the top of my head I can name 5 that make shorts in the same target as the 365 Freedom Shorts.  Why...why...why... always asked to explain WHY ours are better than theirs..?

The best answer I can give is... ill give you 30 days to give me an answer to your question... it will cost you $58 up front but nothing in the end if you dont like the shorts.   We have had 3 people send back shorts... mostly within the first 5 days.  There were size issues and fit issues.... one guy had legs so big, he's a BEAST PHIT guy..  he had to send them back... that was his only complaint... I almost took the shorts to the factory local in San Diego and had them cut slits in the side of the leg because I wanted this guy to be in our shorts.... still might have to do that.

One more story is the design of the shorts.  I am constantly analyzing what I experience and its getting rather fine tuned...hard to find issue that isn't being addressed.  There is one guy, lets call him Tony that asks about the back pocket.

SO here it is...

The back pocket is put on the left side for ONE reason... your car.  If I have left something in my back pocket when I get into the car, its easier to remove in the left pocket.  If the door is closed I can lean into the middle of the car and my left cheek can be easily reached... can't lean left because the door and window will give you a headache.  Lastly the seatbelt will allow you to lean into the middle of the car as it hooks high left to low right.... yes... that is exactly what I thought about when putting the pocket on the left side.

Not many will actually reach this point... all 3 that click and read.... My patience for the warrior is eternal.  This warrior is kind, is ready, is able, and is patient.  When you discover that the shorts are more than just something to wear...its about being the warrior.


  • Miriam

    Love the explanation about the logic of back left side pocket. With this kind of detail thoughtful approach, I know that your products are superb!!

  • A J

    Be it casual or a hard workout, PHIT Threads are the most comfortable clothes you could wear.

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