The Big Loss.......

My wife just walked in from her weekly Pickleball clinic at Bobby Riggs with legendary coach and champion Chris Miller.  She always brings home some story that ties us more into the pickleball world.

A few months ago I was asked to fill in for my friend Peter who plays with a regular group of 12 on the weekends.  I have witness them play and how incredibly organized they are... I think it really contributes to the fun.

One of the men there is MARK.  Mark was a couch potato for many years.  A self proclaimed Couch Potato and overall grumpy guy...(maybe that was his wife who shared that.). Mark has been playing Pickleball for a number of years now and has lost gobs and gobs of weight.  He is happy and actually quite skilled on the court.  Most of all he is an easy laugh.  

Much like Mark, the story Ashley brought home was of a man who lost a whole bunch of weight after being introduced to Pickleball.  It could be the same guy... I mean my wife is beautiful and easy to talk

PHIT is based on fitness and health, and more importantly JOY.  The ability and freedom to move around without a struggle is one of the keys to longevity... WE created a pair of shorts to do just that... MOVE.  

Here is the challenge... we want to see more MARK's out there.  If you are an overweight person and need some motivation... Take a dated photo.  Send it directly to us... put all of your dimensions in... any you can think of... weight and waist size are among the keys.... Go out and get started moving... by moving I mean working out and playing PICKLEBALL.  Stay in touch with us.... Let us know when you get down to a 40 waist size... we will send you a discount code to buy shorts.... if you can drop another size we will send another discount code better than the first... 

Share your story with us... Before and after photos.  We want to know.  We want to support you.  

Warriors never stand alone.... We always stand UP.



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