The cost of coffee

In 2013 I had the most amazing pleasure of the single best coffee day after day.  The cost of the best coffee was about $7500.  It took hours and hours of training, years of saving, a day in day out work schedule, and someone else to lead the charge.

Africa is a place of wonder.  In 2013 I chose to follow a client up Mount Kilimanjaro. The trip started in London with my family and ticking a box that included Wimbledon

 (I have zero interest in going back to London anytime soon, but if I could tesser myself to Wimbledon once a week, I would.)  A plane hop and quick visit with a friend, I was in Africa for the first time.  Nervous as all hell... My trust was in the trip organizer....All worked out very quickly.  I had no idea what to expect, but most importantly I was open to anything.

The coffee started flowing on the second day after driving in Kenya and Tanzania through the fields of coffee beans.  It was tasty.  Africafe I think....yum.  The hike began, the chats became deeper than weather, and the sleep was log like.  I am fairly certain that the need to get to sleep at the end of the day was rushed because the morning coffee was the first sight sound and smell.  "mr Paul, Sugar in your coffee?"  YES

Coffee AngelCoffee Drinking buddy

Good things are worth the investment.  I could bounce around the globe with the African Coffee and a pair of Freedom Shorts.  The work it takes to grow a plant much less a farm and have a product and harvest it package it and sell it... WOW... the epiphany grows and grows.  PHIT Threads Freedom Shorts are like coffee.  

You can get a cup of coffee for $1 somewhere.  If you wander into the boutique shops you pay $5 maybe... will you have 2 of those a day?  Thats $50 a week.... plus gratuity?!    You can get yourself a pair of PHIT Threads Freedom Shorts shipped to your door for about $60.  These shorts were built to last.... more than 2 weeks worth of coffee.  The investment ... if they fit... is in your health.  You put these babies on and go out and kick some ass and then you can go find your Coffee.  

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