The Founding Members success of Failure.

Still on the learning curve of a new business, the trajectory of our shorts is still on the up swing.  Unlike the Dot Com's of the 90's...PHIT Threads is one of those epic tortoise journeys to massive greatness.  

Learning how to take small bites and accepting them as success' is the growing experience we are ...learning.  Setting goals, sales goals, and backing them with support to reach those goals is the current action on the table.  When there is only one person at the table, the small bits of learning are backed by small actions.  Things need to change.

We rolled out the latest idea of the Warrior Soul.  The image of the warrior, usually solid, now transparent, is fillable with the mission of Good-Healing.  According to Tony Robbins, humans have personality needs of certainty, variety, significance, and love.  The spirit, which is the perfect description of the "hollow" warrior image, needs growth and contribution.  

Imagine this:  6 human needs are a massive part of the image of the warrior.  The hair on fire is filled with 6 strands of thought or better yet, needs.  One of the integral parts is uncertainty of variety, the very thing that keeps this warrior on our toes.

The first project to help grow the warrior was to support a group of athletes directly affected by disaster.  The simple goal of selling 50 T-shirts and donating $10/shirt was not met.  We sold 20 shirts and donated $20/ shirt.  Feels like another need being met...significance? Whatever it is, it makes the list of failures on the steps to success.

 This is the only place we will be "bragging" about this is here on this rarely read blog...and to those who took part in our initial project.  To be a Founding Member is to be at the head of the class of our first Success.


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