The Miracle

We are about to surpass the 4 year mark, idea to selling a product.  I feel like a miracle has happened.  The funding of the Kickstarter program was the third miracle... Without the support of the local friends and community of friends, most of which are long since seen or hugged, this production of shorts would be limited at best.  YEAY for the belief and support of miracle number 3.

Miracle number 4 would be surviving production.  I feel so luck to have partnered up with a referred friend Devin from California Goods Inc.  Devin and Sherry guided me through all of my requests and brought the experience of producing a clothing product to life.  I don't think that we would be where we are right now without them.  

Miracle number 5... the feeling of producing something that people are really loving.  I realize that most of these people are friends or connected somehow to PHITGroup...but... I have asked them to be brutally honest with me.  There is no such thing as a perfect product and with a few detailed critical "particular" things.... most are finding this their new go to shorts.  I am overwhelmed with the single response of "he said this is what they are like and this is what they do...and that is exactly what they do.  Well done Pablo". 

There is a new review link to help promote the shorts.... I am hoping that anyone who has given these shorts and honest go give a straight up review.  Be clear and blunt.... Be honest and funny.  Shoot for the "tweener" review...

So... Miracle number one is actually getting to the point of having a clear vision of what the rest of the PHIT life was to be.  Miracle number two was meeting my wife and feeling blessed enough to have the powers that be overseas let her and Grace come here... (exhale)

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