The Next Steps

Creating is something we do every day.  We walk out the door and every step may seem as though it repetitive...but we are still creating our day.

Creation of a product takes a team of people.  The idea is yours and how well you can create it depends specifically on how well you can communicate that idea.

I called a good friend, who I ride Harley's with (her's was amazing and bad ass), from LAX upon my return from Africa.  She and I met the next morning for coffee and then on the weekend.  

We took 3 pairs of shorts and made one pair from the three.  I took the pattern and enough fabric to have 2 pairs sewn to a seamstress.  3 weeks after getting back from Africa I had my first pairs of shorts.  I was in shock... I loved them.  They were comfortable and did the job of the three all together.

Here is the fun part... I took enough fabric to have 3 more made with the same pattern.  When I got those samples back, I never put them on.  I handed them off to friends and clients.  After a month of sampling...none of them liked them... I was shocked.  I took the shorts home and put them all on...I was now I was pissed.  All of the shorts were awful.  The sew job was horrendous and I was mystified at how the same pattern and same seamstress could be so different.  I loved learning the lesson...It was a difficult lesson but necessary.  

Life had different plans for me after the first 3 months of pursuing this dream... I was gifted an opportunity that would consume all of me, an opportunity to grow with another person, and share my life with her and her daughter.  Ashley lived in Australia... When you realized you are in love with someone and you were clearly meant to be together.. you do anything and everything to make sure it happens... 

the shorts could wait....

fast forward to January of 2016... I jumped back onto the shorts plan for PHIT.  Ashley and I worked on many ideas for all of 2014 and 2015.  I found someone to help with prototyping better shorts and to help with the path to make this happen.   California Goods became the source for everything we would do from here on out.  8 prototypes and tweaks and we are finally in production with a product that is so excellent, that I am so proud of, and can't wait to make it available to the public.  

Now the work begins.

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