The original innovator of Masculinity....Dreamers

Wow.  Where does inspiration come from?  Everywhere and anywhere, you only need to be paying attention.

In 1953 one of the single greatest movements was created.  It was created because someone was bored and wanted more out of life.  He was paying attention to so many others around him and observing that they all sought a change.  The change was anything but slight.  It was risky, monumental, controversial, and above all...necessary.  This innovator created something he wanted.  He worked hard and sought "perfection" for the launch of the mens product that would change lives forever.  Shortly after his launch, he would get the answer he was looking for...YES.  They wanted the same thing he did.  Hugh Hefner launched PLAYBOY magazine in 1953 with 70,000 printed first issues that had no date and no publisher name.  In the first 2 weeks he sold 80% of the print.  History was made.

HH is showed men like me that the desire to create something you want is worth the risk.  Who doesn't want to see beautiful women in the buff...and read great articles.  But the risk was inviting the world to collectively want the same thing he did.... PHIT Threads is about doing that very same thing.  Following in HH foot steps we are creating a line of men's necessaries and putting that image of YOU, "the Warrior" on them.  It may not be a fuzzy rabbit or have adult themes, but it will certainly be a movement for the good of man. 

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