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Sometimes the path we choose to follow is a product of choices made from the past or fear of the future.  The PHIT Threads path is unproven, rough, and confusing to say the least....unlike the shorts which are rigorously tested, have the finest "hand", and filled with certainty and experience (or your money back).

I spend a lot of time on social media...too much even.  I notice so many small business or entrepreneurs using a tool I don't want to use.  Men and women alike, especially within any association to fitness or health, are centered on the skin appearance, SEX.  

Sure Sex sells, but... what does it sell?  I see ego, instant gratification (IG), and thumbs ups.   Shirtless men selling brands through 6pack abdominals take your eyes off the product... you of course can't touch a product through social media, but you certainly can fantasize what you could "get" if you had a 6 pack like that dude in the photo.(IG). How many of you actually make it to the reviews section sometime shortly after you discover you love the product and how you look mostly naked in your instagram pic? (laugh a little)  What about posting a review to support the product that you appear to love so much? Rather, you put a ME centered photo up on social media for as may likes as you can get. 

Guilty of putting to many ME pics up.  I wear PHIT Threads all day every day.  If I am wearing it, it is for sale.  One by one, day by day, post by post and like by like. Always in search of the people that believe so much in what you have that they want to help you at a cost to them above and beyond that of the product they have purchased.  Yep...TIME.  The time you take to put up a review on someone site gives products value and credibility. Including a photo in use only adds to everything you've said and gives you and them a little extra bonus.

The sexiest photos, in the opinion of PHIT Threads creators, are loaded with family, passion, activity and honesty.  They are loaded with sweat inducing life path journey type experiences told through a simple photo that lacks your six pack bulge in the center.  

If you have managed to get this far into the read.  Maybe you have a few extra minutes to click on the review section for the shorts and post up something simple and honest.  It really means everything to us.

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