The Warrior Soul

Ever since my wife and I connected we wanted to make the most of our collective names.  After all it is how I finally managed to get her to respond to my interest in her.  She is Good and I am Healing and together we are Good-Healing.  My dream is to make the most out of the image of the Warrior and grow another part of PHIT which supports the lives of others and call it PHITanthropic.  The Good-Healing mission is finally underway and craves your support through the first Warrior Soul project.

The Warrior is Strong, Balanced, and Energetic.  The goal of PHITanthropic is to support other warriors who have suffered a set back and need the strength of those who can assist them back to balance.  The jolt of energy from the community of warriors is the very thing that helps us believe that we can make it back to normal.

This is the first project we hope can help us grow in the likes of other philanthropic companies and create a reach far beyond what some would be the capable hands of one warrior alone.  We have chosen to support a community of people affected by the fires that consumed a chunk of California.  These warriors have lost homes and facilities and need help.  We are pledging to donate a minimum of $10/Warrior Soul T-Shirt toward their cause.

We are hoping to run this for the first two weeks of March and have shirts printed and shipped by the first week of APRIL


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