Theee BEST Fabric....

I handed an old friend a pair of the black Freedom Shorts as a trade for 2 pairs of tennis shoes...a generous man not accustomed to getting something in return for a favor. 

I was so pleasantly surprised at the start of our next encounter on the tennis court.  "Those shorts you gave me have the best hand, they are really comfortable and now they are my daily gym shorts."  

The word "BEST" has always thrown me for a loop.  Here is why:

my belief:  BEST is best saved for the description of a personal experience.  It was the best trip we've ever taken.  The hamburger was the best I've ever had.  This is the best product ever made.... One person's BEST may not be another.  

as I type this I realize my salesmenship is lousy with underselling...I keep thinking that if you leave the word BEST out of a product description ... others will fall into the belief that another product is superior.....

I spent 4 years wearing the prototype shorts.  I had 2 pairs made with a great fabric... compared to the fabric (textile) we have now, those first pairs were utter shit.  Attending textile trade shows and asking for samples over the course of 4 years, buying shirts and shorts off of hangars that felt good, and asking for samples from web search results.... we had multiple bins of potential textiles to use for the shorts.... 

We finally found the BEST fabric for the 365 Freedom Shorts.  It certainly is the best for PHIT Threads....and without a doubt we believe there are many others out there who love to put their hand into the pocket and feel around .... because it feels the best to him.

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