Tis The Season to Online Shop

What happened to actually touching the product before you buy it?  

I love this concept of buy & Try... keep or Return... 

I am thrilled that to date, that not a single pair of shorts has been returned.  And, we are happy to give a guarantee, because Not everyone will love the product as much as you do...as much as I do.

I am counting on that very thing.  I am so entrenched in the symbol of the Warrior, I feel naked when I leave the house without a visible PHIT Threads logo.  ... WOW ... so many thoughts and virtually no connection....

Shopping online is about the seller getting you to NEED their product.  You have either discovered it by referral or by pure luck ... mostly by something you typed into Google with the key words.... hopefully SHORTS got you near the PHIT Threads site.  

What kind of Need are you getting from PHIT?  The shorts won't make you healthy... but they are a necessary tool.  They are a unit of measurement (fit)... they are an undiscovered brand where you can feel like being on the front edge of their success.... Ha... YOU NEED TO LOOK and FEEL Cool, Comfortable.

What about Certainty?  The front page should be enough there... WE Guarantee the product.  30 Days from date of purchase.  Its a one man show over here for the time being.  The designer, creator, packager, sales and marketing guy, social media guy, and email reader guy... SAME GUY... That is MY WORD.  My word is backed by NOW movements... YEP.  

I was in the Tennis Shop at Lomas Santa Fe Country Club in Solana Beach the other day, where we have our only current "retail" display.  A long time member walked in wearing a nice pair of shorts.  From across the room, I shouted "Mr. Bill... what's it gonna take to get you to try on the Freedom Shorts from PHIT..." his response was simply ..."what?" 

I shared with him the display of PHIT Threads shorts his missed as he walked into the Spa area... "This is your stuff?" he said... YES... I'll buy a pair just to support you.... I said Thank you NO.... Please grab this pair and head to the dressing room and try them on... If you like them then you can buy them.."  

Mr Bill's movement was very intent as he grabbed the shorts and went to the change room to come out 30 seconds later... "Pablo...these are AWESOME..."

Mr Bill had a Sales pitch from me... friendly and full of humor and history.  He clearly wanted to support me as he took the time before actually headed to do what he came to do.  I believe he bought the shorts because they are Amazing.  He had the opportunity to check them out with me standing there...selling in person.

The online experience is missing the history and connection because we are completely unknown.  The one thing we hope to achieve as a first impression is that a consumer feels comfortable enough from the first page to look further... Buying is a whole other step.  Working on that....

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