Training for Mt Everest

I can't remember the year my friend Trynt was training for a chance to climb and summit Mt Everest, but I do remember the training.  Trynt is a friend who was firefighter by occupation and outdoor enthusiast the rest of the time.  I don't remember how we met, but we were destined to be at least a small part of each others lives...(not me in the photo)


Sitting at home now testing every edge of my horrifying addictions of social media and sugar, I am constantly confronted by memories that play a role in what is happening now, March 26,2020.  The pandemic and panic that is constricting our every move (the responsible people at least) is also suffocating passion.  To get even the smallest taste of doing what you love and or need puts a penny into the future preservation of that action.

My wife and I have not volleyed a ball in weeks.  Social responsibility has kept us from begging friends to use their tennis court for our selfish purposes.  We managed to get out to the street and volley a ball for 15 minutes with no net, cars driving by (cue Waynes World street hockey game), and wind.  The sound of the ball and feel of the paddle felt foreign for a minute or two...and in a blink it was over...thats when my memory reminded me of Trynt.

We went for a hike one day.  She was carrying a pack, hiking poles and water.  I had the same.  We were walking HARD, sweating and panting as we went up hills around rocks and generating dust up some trails.  I think about 2 hours into the effort we took a break.  I made a massive error in judgement.  Trynt didn't tell me she put 40lbs of sand in her pack.  I was in awe.  Trynt was as strong as any person I have ever encountered.  I think it was that moment when I believed 100% that my friend would summit Mt Everest.  She did... I can't remember the date.  

We are all training for something.  Some of us its just life... Just Life is a monumental task...Our own Mt Everest training always needs support for people willing to walk beside us.  They need not carry our load, but realizing they are beside us is what drives success...for some.  I am so grateful for people like Trynt who let me walk beside her top of the world victory.  I am even more grateful for the people that come calling when I need someone to walk beside me.  THANK YOU.

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