Vanity and Sanity.... INTEGRITY

I am... WE are all stuck at home.  The opportunity this global situation has created for so many is a potential gold mine of information and alternative Everything.  

I started personal training nearly 20 years ago, and quickly adopted my "style" of how to get it done.  It was my style because that is what I liked to do or what I needed.  It was about general movement and getting stronger for the functions I needed and or lacked.  I look back and remember I could barely muster 3 pull-ups.

Now things are different being 20-ish years older.  20 more years of life on the mind and the body.  To learn that I have this funny feeling about my own personal Vanity is awkward.   I have always wanted to look good and feel good... I believed it was part of the job requirements.  Really, who wanted to be trained by someone who was severely overweight rather than someone who was PHIT.  Movement was a necessity for my sanity.  The mach-2 approach to the big 5-0H and find the vanity is still there, the Sanity is tested daily and the integrity of what I do is solid....but I still want to look good.

I have been doing some workouts on a live facebook feed.  Some people don't need or want the details of instruction... they simply want to just follow someone and get a good sweat on.   The fine line between what I am doing and what I have done in the past, or believed from the past is a bit mixed up as I watch myself in the video and do some self skims my own beliefs about training integrity.  

I never wanted to do a VIDEO workout for sale.  It was out of integrity for what I believed my skills to be.... visible bio-mechanics... I believed I couldn't "fix" any mechanical issue without being present.... Now I am forced to face my own Integrity by the lack of flexibility in my own mechanics... So STIFF....How do I help people get better if I can't see them?

here is a link to one of the workouts.

So, this is where I sit (sitting too much these days) and watch the world of LIVE video workouts... I am doing my part.  Putting out some great movement and hoping that some participate, that some really love it, some find some sanity and even fun, some find change, some find improvement...I could go on but this is long enough... what I really hope is that SOME find a way to support what I do by sharing PHIT THREADS and sharing the workouts and sharing the Warrior.


  • Paul

    Hey John… I saw this shortly after…. sorry for the delay… Hell yea.. send them back … Ive got your size ready to go in a bag… I trust they will get here.

  • John Morrison

    Last week I received my second pair of shorts the blue ones to go with my gray ones. I just realized they are small instead of large which I ordered. My address is 1020 Boyer Ave Walla Walla Wa 99362. I tossed the recite so what are my options. Thanks

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