Yoga Pants vs Shorts

If you have stepped outside in the last 10 years, its hard to notice how many women are wearing "yoga" pants....ALL DAY.  There are so many things to say about this, and I will choose the high road and assume the greatest view possible.  Its amazing how many people exercise.  Its fantastic that they are getting workouts at all times during the day.  Its a wonderful thing to think that yoga pants are acceptable at nearly every single public scenario.  Its also refreshing to know that the anti-bacterial agents built into the textiles are working so well.  I think that men appreciate the shear volume of women working out, taking care of themselves, and enjoying their healthy lifestyle, and looking great doing it.

Now,  the boys can join in on the fun of wearing your workout gear all day long.  PHIT Threads has joined the active lifestyle clothing trend with an amazing pair of movement oriented shorts.  The shorts have 3 pockets to put your money, keys, or hands when you are not sweating your ass off.  The fabric feels amazing and drys quickly.  So sweat or surf will affect you only briefly.  The appearance is simple and clean and don't look like surf shorts or basket ball shorts.

So now the playing field is a little more even according to the creators of PHIT.  Couples that exercise together and wear their workout gear all day together have much healthier lives together. 

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